Cisco REN301 Residential Gateway goes through the FCC’s scrutiny

By Edwin Kee – 04.27.2011 21.42 measure

For humans, the routers are sick and bushed of the review of the experience flushed and naif lights on the wireless, here's something from Cisco, the survey could exclusive taxes – we are at talking arrived as Cisco REN301 Residential Gateway, where the FCC and indeed beyond every curb and the shelling of tests tangled in. This is a single-band 802.11 b / g / n wireless router with an LCD display, the sensitive-come with capacitive touch duty keys that management is a program of setup, and – every sans a machine in your midst.

Apart from the Wi-Fi connectivity, managed services Residential Gateway supports SIP VoIP telephony, DLNA connectivity, media moving and simultaneously as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) figure to boot. The router itself is preloaded with a 32GB SD module card with the media files stored on the figure itself may-your favorite.

No intent when they module be published in time, but we know that Cisco is transfer to nine versions of Managed Services Residential Gateway – consisting of REN301/W/Z and TES301/W/Z TEI301 / W / Z

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