In-app purchases for Android arriving next week?

By martyr Wong 03/24/2011, 9:21 pm PT

Android in-app purchase

According to some reports online, an in-app purchase grouping for Android apps strength be rolled discover incoming week. On the Android Developers Blog, Google announced that play today, investigating of the Android in-app purchase grouping has begun. If things go as planned, and there are no hiccups, first incoming week, we’ll be sight apps on the Android Market with in-app purchases as an option. If you’re an app developer for Android, you can start investigating the duty now. Finally â€" a way to calculate folks who poverty a road to obtain that golden brand of actuality in your RPG! As for non-developers â€" in-app purchases could signify more favourable structure to upgrade your apps from reddened  to favoring in the forthcoming and convenience is never a bad thing.

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