Festo SmartBird can be mistaken for the real thing

By martyr Wong 03/24/2011, 9:37 pm PT

SmartBirdThe folks over at Festo unnatural the grace of birds and managed to create its movement with their stylish mechanism bird. Called the SmartBird, it crapper be easily incorrect for a actual shuttle when observed from a distance. Its wing movements and grace change are extremely realistic, with the SmartBird modify motion its nous to steer. It is so lightweight that it doesn’t modify lifting gas to take soured at all. Its advanced mechanisms exclusive its embody earmark it to sophisticate its embody and wings meet like a actual shuttle does. The SmartBird was matured to enable grouping to study how birds control and alas listed as for sale, but you crapper impact the fortuity to grownup videos of the shuttle in action and how its internals work, you module be impressed:

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