Top 10 Banks in Indonesia

Bank Indonesia re-released the latest data on the monthly statistics of banking development in Indonesia.

Based on these statistics, as many of the top ten banks control 63.5 percent national market share of banking assets. Total assets of largest 10 banks is Rp1.714 trillion.

Recent data indicate that Bank Indonesia Bank Central Asia who had been in third position was almost kicked PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, which came in second place based on the greatest asset.

Meanwhile, the top position still held by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, which controls assets worth 13.76 percent share of total banking assets in Indonesia. This state-owned bank had assets of Rp 371.67 trillion. Composition of the government shares are listed publicly as much as 66.7 percent and 33.3 percent. Until June 2010, Bank Mandiri has employed 24 282 employees with branch offices and 7 1 180 overseas offices.

BRI, who finished second to have assets of Rp306, 7 billion. BRI is known to focus on the development of small business loans. The government has a share of 59.5 percent share and 40.5 percent public shares.

BCA, which occupies the third position with assets of Rp 305.16 trillion. This is the largest private bank controlled by the Djarum Group. The majority shareholder is FarIndo Investments Ltd, based in Mauritius, which is held by Bambang Hartono and Robert Budi Hartono as much as 47.15 percent stake. The rest is owned by Anthony Salim amounted to 434 million, or 1.76 percent. Shares outstanding in the public amounted to 49.9 percent.

Ranking fourth is occupied by PT BNI Tbk with total assets of Rp 217.074 trillion. This bank is owned by the government of 59.5 percent and 40.5 percent public. This bank is the oldest commercial bank, founded on July 5, 1946. BNI has 1242 outlets across Indonesia and 5 overseas branches.

Ranking fifth was occupied by CIMB Niaga Tbk Rp 126.969 trillion (4.7 percent). Bank Niaga is owned by CIMB Group Bhd. amounting to 56.1 percent, Santubong Ventures Sdn Bhd for 16.65 percent, 2.58 percent Greatville Pte Ltd, and the other 23.59 percent.

Here are the details of a list of 10 largest banks based on banking statistics data from Bank Indonesia.

List of 10 largest banks

No. Name of Bank | Asset (Rp trillion) | Market Share (%)

1 Bank Mandiri | 371.67 | 13.76
2 BRI | 306.76 | 11.36
3 BCA | 305.16 | 11.30
4 BNI | 217.07 | 8.04
5 Bank CIMB Niaga | 126.96 | 4.70
6 Bank Danamon | 101.78 | 3.77
7 Bank Panin | 91.50 | 3.39
8 BII | 66.87 | 2.48
9 Bank Permata | 65.32 | 2.42
10 BTN | 61.66 | 2.28

Source: Statistical data August 2010

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