FHM: Magdalena is the Indonesian Sexiest Girl

Magdalena (24) was selected as the sexiest woman in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in a world class, he became the third sexiest woman after the Transformers movie star, Megan Fox, and Kelley Hazel, a British model.

The selection was announced by the magazine For Him Magazine (FHM), Indonesia in August 2008 edition. Last year, the third sexiest woman world adult version of the magazine was given to actress Luna Maya (25).

That way, Magdalena should be proud to enter the ranks of 100 Sexiest Woman In The World selection FHM magazine readers around the world. In fact, it ranks third. Selection was based on the magazine's reader's poll. How, magazine FHM Indonesia to send pictures of his model to the Central Office of FHM in the United States.

Lena did not expect, poses her sexy photos on display in the magazine FHM Indonesia in 2007 was among dozens of sexy women of the world. Even so, he actually felt he was not sexy.

According to Lena, the photos on FHM Indonesia was taken in April 2007. At that time, Lena was willing in the photo because a model appears both with other women. He wants to be photographed with the consideration of the magazine considered a world-class mass media. Indonesia Today

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