Gus Dur's sisters denies embezzling PKB

Tension occurs between the branch of the National Awakening Party (PKB) and East Java PKB Faction member Parliament Lily Chadidjah Wahid. The case involves allegations of management PKB East Java that Lily had embezzled party funds worth more than Rp300 million.

Accused of being like that, sister of the late President Abdurrahman Wahid was obviously not accept. He said the allegations were not true at all.

"I will go through legal channels, because it has tainted my reputation," said Lily Wahid, when met after attending the inauguration of DPP Harmony Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI) in Surabaya, Thursday, October 21, 2010.

Lily explained, the problem originated from the debt that was borrowed from East Java PKB by Rp 600juta. The money he uses to finance the Istighosah Akbar event that was held in Sidoarjo - which was held simultaneously in 21 other places around Indonesia on May 27, 2007.

"It's ordinary debts," said Lily.

According to him, from the debts of some of it, had paid Rp400 million to Rp200 million and is still lacking. "Next week I'm going to pay off the remainder. Frankly I am disappointed with that problem," he said.

Lily shot back saying the financial administration at the branch of PKB increasingly chaotic.
"If I say debt of Rp 363 million, means the bookkeeping branch of a mess." He therefore asked that the audit performed. "Related to that, I would ask the KPK and the BPK to audit the financial DPP and the entire branch of PKB in Indonesia."

This embezzlement accusations leveled Treasurer branch of PKB Java Jamaluddin told reporters. According to him, Lily Wahid as Vice Chairman of the Shura Council DPP PKB borrow money worth Rp363 million to Churiyah who was then a member of the Election Desk PKB in East Java. Process accounts receivable, he said, without the knowledge of other board.

Lily promised to repay the money in November 2009. But the reality is not. New debt is paid Rp100 million. PKB branch of East Java will give time for two weeks. If it can not be resolved between ourselves and settled, PKB East Java will be reported embezzlement of funds and abuse of political authority to the East Java Regional Police. Indonesia Today

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