Olla Ramlan divorced

Already answered the riddle surrounding the divorce Olla Ramlan with her husband, Alejandro Dom or known by the name of Alex Tian. Alex has issued a release about their divorce.

Olla Ramlan who brought music events appear cheerful, her face changes when asked about her divorce. Her face looked sad and ultimately Olla could not help crying.

"I can not talk much. Haduh, I'm not strong anymore," Olla said as she shed tears when found on Studio, West Jakarta, Thursday, October 21, 2010.

Olla admitted he could not talk much about her divorce from a man who has given one person the child. Pesinetron, model and presenter admitted that so far has been trying to maintain their households but said the fate of another.

Shee was only able to let go. "The release that you've received," she said while holding tears.

As reported earlier, former husband Olla, Alex Tian spread the releases to the media about his divorce. He said he had dropped the divorce to such a beautiful artist in July. Men who marry in the Netherlands said the he felt sad and upset because of divorce.

However, in the release he would not comment on the news about the cause of another man's dream in the hearts of Olla. Alex Tian reveal problem areas that I'll be right personality. They decided to prefer the feeling of their only child. Indonesia Today

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