The sun is swallowed, the residents of Padang fled

A number of office in Padang deserted because of the phenomenon of solar halo that appear in the sky city of Padang, West Sumatra. Residents chose to evacuate and stay away from the beach for fear of the threat of major earthquakes.

"Office of the blank, there are students who were told to go home the same teacher," said one resident Imme Kirana, Thursday, October 21, 2010. This fear flows because people associate this phenomenon with the emergence of similar sun a day after the earthquake 7.9 on the Richter Scale (SR) on September 30, 2009.

Watchlist VIVAnews, street looks deserted and a number of office workers chose to go home. As seen in the West Sumatra Provincial Prosecutor's Office, Jalan Raden Saleh. Some employees chose to go home because outstanding information about precautions to face a major quake.

Head of the Meteorology Geofisi Climatology (BMKG) Bayur Padang Bay Area Maritime Amarizal denied a growing issue in society. Amarizal admitted, a la this phenomenon could arise due to the reflection of the air particles are exposed to sunlight reflection.

"So nothing to do with the earthquake. These two phenomena are different, "said Amarizal.

He acknowledged, there are currently a number of hotspots that could provoke the emergence of smog. Smog that hit the neighboring province of Riau, are also expected to cause the appearance of the sun ring (hello sun). "It could also provoke the emergence of the smog-style mini-phenomenon. This unusual natural phenomenon, "he said.

Community Padang dihebohkan with natural phenomena that circled the sun since the rainbow-colored ring at 10.00 am. Until now, ring the sun began to look thinner.

A number of motorists parked on the roadside to immortalize this moment. The phenomenon of the sun this ring had a warm conversation among the citizens.

The sun looks like a large ring encircled and impressed the light cover. This ring looks great colored rainbow while the inner ring filled with black color.

The sun like a big black swallowed, leaving a small light like the light at night. Indonesia Today

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