Demo October 20: Diponegoro Chaos, police had appropriate Procedure

Jakarta Police to conduct examination of eight members of the police patrol unit who allegedly did the shooting of a student who rallied in Jalan Diponegoro, Wednesday, October 20, 2010 yesterday afternoon.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commissioner of the Boy Rafli Amar, said that the current fact-finding team has been formed. Consisting of Propam Metro Police and the Central Jakarta Police, who shall serve for memeriksaan police officer who was at the scene to scene.

Later, said the Boy, to be determined whether the shooting according to applicable procedures and is considered proportionate. At the event, there are eight members of the patrol unit that held the revolver type weapon.

"Who checked whether proportional or not his actions. Sanctions discipline would have to wait," he said.

Conversely, eight members will also be questioning related violence by students against the officers while demonstrating.

"Action demo was wild. There is no notification to the police," said Boy. Not to mention the actions of protesters who blocked the road so that disrupt public order.

Students named Farel Restu, who became victims of the shooting is still undergoing treatment at the RSCM, surgical removal of projectiles have been conducted Wednesday, October 20, 2010 yesterday. Indonesia Today

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