Jakarta Subway use Tunnel Boring Machine

Construction Project Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) will use advanced technology. This is a special tool for the construction of an underground (subway) named Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

"This technology has been applied in various countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Europe," said Director of Corporate Functions Eddi Santosa PT MRT Jakarta.

So how this machine works?

This machine is a kind of robot that will do the drilling as well as cement.

Later to make a tunnel to be opened or dug up a road. Then, the TBM is inserted into it. "Obviously this would be more efficient," he said.

TBM speed for drilling in alluvial soil, such as Jakarta can reach 12 to 15 meters per day. This tool is imported from Japan.

Meanwhile, according to the President Director of PT MRT Jakarta Tribudi Rahardjo, will be used to manufacture two holes. Later, the two holes of different locations will be met while completing drilling machine TBM. "For the distance from ground level to the first hole of at least 6.6 meters," he said.

MRT construction plan will start from the corridor one.
The first stage will be built from Lebak Bulus to HI Roundabout reached 15.5 miles in length.

Along the tracks will be built 13 station stops. Seven stations between Lebak Bulus and Block M located at ground level. Six offal, of Al Azhar to Roundabout Hotel Indonesia, is under ground.

If it were so, the path that can be reached in just 30 minutes.

For the second corridor will be built from the Balaraja to Cikarang.

These use a cart, Like electric trains, with six carriages capable of carrying 1200 passengers at a time. Indonesia Today

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