Indonesian Police Name 3 New Terror Suspects

The National Police on Friday identified three new terror suspects, including a woman who is five months pregnant. National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri named the suspects as Rahmat Puji Prabowo, a k a Bejo, Supono, a k a Kedu, and Putri Munawaroh. Bejo and Kedu were arrested in Pasar Gading, Solo, a day before the police killed suspected terror mastermind Noordin M Top on Sept. 17. Bambang said information from the suspects led the police to Noordin’s hideout in nearby Kepuhsari. Bejo is thought to have helped hide Noordin, while Kedu has been linked to the transport of explosives to a Bekasi house that was raided last month, leading to the deaths of two terror suspects. Putri was the wife of Hadi Susilo, a k a Adib, who rented the house in Kepuhsari where Noordin, who was wanted for a string of deadly bomb attacks over the past few years, was killed. Hadi also died in the raid, while Putri was shot in the leg and later flown to the National Police Hospital in East Jakarta, along with the bodies of the four terror suspects killed in the raid. “Munawaroh and her husband provided the house to hide [the terror suspects],” Bambang said. “Moreover, they were also involved in other activities, including preparing explosive materials. Their roles are clear.” Bambang also announced that the police would not allow the families of the four dead suspects to claim the bodies until Thursday. Family representatives are already in Jakarta to retrieve the remains. “We will have finished [the investigation] by Wednesday, but due to internal matters we will only let the families take the bodies on Thursday,” Bambang said, adding that the police would not comment on where the suspectsshould be buried. “It is the family’s right to decide where they will bury the bodies,” he said. “Our work is to arrest them. We will probably support [the families] by providing facilities such as cars.” Hadi’s family has said that they wanted to bury him in Solo. The families of the other suspects, Bagus Budi Pranoto, a k a Urwah, and Ario Sudarso, a k a Aji, have said they want to bury them in their hometowns in Kudus and Purbalingga, respectively. Protests have been held in all three locations against the planned burials. In another development on Friday, Bambang said the Malaysian police were prepared to repatriate Noordin’s body, which is still being held at the National Police Hospital in Jakarta. On Thursday, two Malaysian police representatives visited the hospital but did not offer any comments. Noordin’s family, including his wife and children, are likely to arrive in Jakarta on Saturday, state-run news agency Antara quoted a family spokesman as saying. Antara reported that the spokesman, Datuk Badaruddin Ismail, was still preparing all the documents needed to claim Noordin’s remains. Ismail said Noordin’s wife Siti Rahma, three of his three children and his brother Yahya would probably make the trip from the southern Malaysian state of Johor. Noordin is to be buried in the Pontian area of Johor Baharu, close to where his family and wife live. During his nine years in Indonesia, Noordin is known to have married at least two local women.

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