Analyst Slams Plan to Raise Indonesian Ministerial Salaries as 'Insensitive'

A political analyst has labeled a plan to raise the salaries of government ministers as “insensitive.” The controversial proposal to raise salaries has divided opinion in the House of Representatives, as well as among the public. Ari Dwipayana, a political analyst from Jogjakarta’s Gajah Mada University, said on Tuesday that the salary raise proposal was very insensitive. “The new cabinet had just begun their work a week ago. It is very insensitive and the public will question the decision,” Ari said. “The salary raise is not significant unless there is a valid evaluation about how much take home pay a minister receives — and let’s not forget the ministerial tactical funds, which every minister receives and is able to use at their own discretion,” he added. So, how much do government officials in Indonesia make monthly? The highest paycheck belongs to the Central Bank Governor, who rakes in Rp 162.2 million rupiah ($17,000) a month. The president receives Rp 62.74 million and ministers Rp 18.64 million. The data was published by the head of the Ministry of Finance’s budget department on Jan. 28, 2005, and it has not been revised since. But ministers are not the only state officials who have not received a raise for four years — the president, vice president, members of the House of Representatives and ministerial level officials have also had their salaries stay at the same level since 2005.

Monthly Salary of Government Officials

Basic Salary: Rp 30.240.000
Allowance: Rp 32.500.000
Total: Rp 62.740.000

Vice President
Basic Salary: Rp 20.160.000
Allowance: Rp 22.000.000
Total: Rp 42.160.000

State Ministers, Attorney General, military chiefs and other ministerial level officials
Basic Salary: Rp 5.040.000
Allowance: Rp 13.608.000
Total: Rp 18.648.000

House of Representatives Chairman
Basic Salary: Rp 5.040.000
Allowance: Rp 18.900.000
Package Fund: Rp 2.000.000
Intensive Communication: Rp 4.968.000
Total: Rp 30.908.000

Head of Supreme Court
Basic Salary: Rp 5.040.000
Allowance: Rp 18.900.000
Package Fund: Rp 450.000
Total: Rp 24.390.000

Head of the Supreme Audit Agency
Basic Salary: Rp 5.040.000
Allowance: Rp 18.900.000
Total: Rp 23.940.000

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives
Basic Salary: Rp 4.620.000
Allowance: Rp 15.600.000
Package Fund: Rp 2.000.000
Intensive Communication : Rp 4.554.000
Total: Rp 26.774.000

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