More Surgery Ahead for Indonesia's ‘Face-Off’ Patient

Despite having already undergone more than a dozen reconstructive surgeries, Siti Nur Jazila, or Lisa, must still go under the knife several more times to restore her face. Lisa first underwent surgery in March 2006 after her husband, Mulyono Eko, threw hydrochloric acid in her face when she asked for a divorce. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison in February 2007. She is undergoing a complete facial restoration, popularly called "Face-Off" surgery. Dr Syaifuddin Noer, head of the “Face-Off Team” at Surabaya’s Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, said he couldn’t estimate how much more surgery would be needed. “The important thing is that [Lisa’s face] is considered suitable from a medical point of view. Then we will stop,” he said on Thursday after the 14th surgery. “We have just performed surgery on her left and right eyes. We conducted Z-plasty surgery to enlarge her eyelids and we also widened her top and bottom lips.” Z-plasty is a type of cosmetic surgery to reduce scars. The team plans to perform further surgery on Lisa’s eyelids, nose and lips. The keloidal scar on her neck will also be removed. “But we don’t know when. Let’s just wait and see how Lisa’s doing after this surgery,” Syaifuddin said.

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