Abu Tholut Ready to Back in Action

Observer of terrorism, Al-Chaidar, declared a terrorist network leaders Musthofa alias Abu Tholut still fangs. Based on the information obtained, police crippling six of 114 cells formed a terrorist network of Abu Tholut. "Although some have been disabled in Sumatra, his cell is still very strong. Remaining one hundred more, "said Chaidar yesterday.

With a strong network of capital, according to him, it is quite possible Abu Tholut and his group will be in action again. As a former Chairman of the Mantiqi III Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Tholut has an extensive network to form new terrorist cells. In addition, his position as instructor at the camp Hudaibiyah war in Mindanao, the Philippines, making her have many pupils.

Chaidar words, the network of Abu Tholut have a different pattern of attacks by groups of Noor Din M. Top. "The pattern is open attack, because Abu Tholut city expert wars," said Chaidar.

Observers Dynno Chressbon terrorism said the group Abu Tholut Sunata and still keep the five plots that target has not been implemented. The five plots are attacks on the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters in West Java, Police Headquarters, and the State Palace, and attack foreigners and attack foreign embassies. "They call it as a liability pending," said Dynno again.

Abu Tholut Dynno rate using the methods used in conflict areas, such as Ambon and Poso, which was targeted in the operation and apparatus using the principle marhalah qisas (retribution in kind). "They use the principle of retaliation in kind, which is used in the training of ex-Afghanistan and the Philippines," said Dynno yesterday. "If it (death) of three, returned three. Blood blood rewarded, "he said.

The principle is evident from the statement Asep Jaja and Dahlan when in court. When Jaja and Dahlan was admitted shooting the officers to retaliate in kind. "That's actually not new, has been taught in training camps in Afghanistan and the Philippines," said Dynno again.

A number of terrorists that is disabled in North Sumatra and Lampung, on Sunday last week, supposed to be part of the network of Abu Tholut. Police are still hunting the man who once inhabited the Cipinang Penitentiary for four years.

Regarding the armed robbery committed, Dynno see it's not unusual. According to him, that method has since been in Poso and Central Java. Results are used to fund terror robbery. "It is not uncommon, it is referred to as sa'i," said Dynno again.

After Noor Din M. Top and Azahari was killed, the attack patterns change more real because the new leader of the terror group, Abu Abdullah Sunata and Tholib, different schools of thought with Azahari and Noor Din. "From the beginning, they both had been opposed to the pattern of suicide bombers Azahari and Noor Din," said Dynno again.

The pattern of bomb attacks were still used Sunata and Tholut, but with a lively car bombs used in the last five years in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Iraq. "It's not suicide bombings, but the car bomb," said Dynno. Indonesia Today

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