Bugis vs. Tidung, Tarakan riot (Dayak - Madura tragedy can be repeated)

Two groups of masses in the city of Tarakan, East Kalimantan, clashed on Monday (27 / 9). One was reported killed in the clash.

"The death toll Abdullah (50) with a wound on the body," said East Kalimantan Provincial police spokesman, Wisanu Sutirta Commissioner, when contacted in Samarinda, on Monday (27 / 9).

Until now, says Vishnu, the police are still investigating and identifying the location of the incident. Police also are collecting evidence.

"A recent report from the Police Tarakan already secured nine people and no suspects," said Vishnu.

The clash happened on Monday morning. To anticipate a greater commotion, Tarakan Police have requested assistance to the TNI in Tarakan.

"Police from the Police Mobile Brigade was deployed along the Tarakan at around 14:00 pm," said Vishnu.

Meanwhile, a colleague who had reached at Tarakan admitted the current tense conditions in the area of the city. Highways, according to him, deserted from the rider. The shops are closed due to this noise.

Even to separate the groups from one another, one group wore a yellow ribbon.

"I was in the house not dare to come out," said Herman,, colleagues in Tarakan.

He promulgated 613th Infantry Battalion was on guard. Even these soldiers had blocked the road to Juwata. Indonesia Today

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