It's Not Terror, It's Commandments (FIRST POLICE, TERRORISTS NOW)

M Sofyan Thaury is a cop who choose to become terrorists. Last rank brigadier before it was fired in 2009 due to polygamy and desertion.

There was no disappointment over the choice of her life. Sofyan who helped establish terrorist training camps in Jantho military should feel proud of being a terrorist. He chose to become terrorists because they want to enforce Islamic law in Indonesia.

The following narrative of Abu Sofyan Thaury Ahyass alias Marwan alias in the District Court (PN), Depok, West Java, on Thursday (23/09/2010), to

I'm not an intruder or police intelligence. I am the fruit of the preaching of monotheism. If my penetration, my place is not in the cell.

I was arrested with my wife. If you want to know how I was arrested, my wife asked.

When catching, it was very dramatic, there are gunshots in the street. I am not penetration. I regret very much if someone said that my intel intruders.

I've given them 28 firearms and tens of thousands of bullets. Instead I was betrayed by them. I became a scapegoat for the failure of the jihad in Aceh.

Jihad Aceh has been our plan. Maybe they did not crosscheck to it. Perhaps their lack of knowledge about me. Can in-crosscheck to the district police in Depok, who I am.

I had originally wanted to establish Islamic law to bring Indonesia into a better way because only with Islamic law, Indonesia would be better.

Mujahid leaders that I like is the figure of Dulmatin, and I was deliberately seeking out the existence of him to join. Because God, I finally met Dulmatin. Then he met me and in Aceh, and held a training program in Aceh.

I met Dulmatin in Aceh late 2008 and early 2009. My time was desertion. I also tell me if this Dulmatin deserters since June 2009 the police fired.

A lot of rumors circulating, I was fired because of hurt feelings, then look the other way. That's wrong. I was already active before becoming police sermon. Then because of the demands, and calls preaching monotheism, I choose the path of jihad.

I do not feel that thogut dikhiananti corps (police). I was out of the police, I just become terrorists. What does this not an act of terror. This is worship, is God's command is mandatory.

I was with Dulmatin a month in Aceh. Traveling to all areas of Aceh because of the factions collects the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in there for jihad. We were looking for GAM people who want to fight back.

Many are willing to participate. Some came from boarding schools, my ex-GAM was also there and a lot of several elements. Indonesia Today

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