Kopassus vs. SAS, who wins?

Indonesia Special Forces Command (Kopassus) and the Australian SAS will conduct joint exercises in Bali. That excercise is about terror prevention, said Chief Information Regional Military Command IX / Udayana, Lt. Col. Artillery I Kadek A Atmawijaya.

"This exercise has been scheduled since some time ago, not merely because there is a potential threat. It's better we always prepare for the worst, so this kind of exercise is always performed. This time it was the location of the exercises in Bali," he told, in Denpasar , Friday afternoon.

Contingent of anti-terror exercises that involved include Combating Terror Unit 81 Special Forces Command of the Army headquarters in Regions Cijantung, East Jakarta, with their counterparts from Australia's Special Air Service.

Some key officers from both the command unit has arrived in Denpasar, since a few days ago and the center to coordinate field and equating the command line.

Anti-terror exercise in Bali, he said, will be held at several places. "The scenario we do not exactly know, but starting from the Field Nitimandala Renon, Denpasar, and ends at the Ngurah Rai International Airport," he said.

In the first scenario, an integrated anti-terror exercise starts with information on hostage threats and vandalism at the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Combined personnel of Indonesia and Australia are combined in a single reduction task force and dispatched to the point of threats via helicopter from the Army Aviation Service.

Arriving at a location controlled by terrorists, terror response team into action with the equipment and weaponry that had been prepared. As a result, herd terrorist acts of terrorism can be rolled up and it was declared to be overcome.

"Bali has been recognized as a world-class tourist destination. Our shared responsibility to secure, in this case we carry out our duties in accordance with the function and now we are partnering with the Australian Army."

Originally training with Army Forces Command and the Australian Special Air Service was held before the scheduled visit of President of the United States, Barack H Obama, in June.

But Obama canceled a visit to Indonesia and so far have not agreed on exactly when it made an official visit.

Between the Australian SAS and Special Forces Command, the Army has some similarities qualifications, including prevention of terror, intelligence operations, counterintelligence operations, to the sabotage of vital installations party opponent.

Command Army Special Forces were also recorded for ever "tasted" direct armed clashes with the British SAS during the confrontation with Malaysia in the early `60s decade in the wilderness of North Borneo. Indonesia Today

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