Mount Merapi will erupts Early 2011

Mount Merapi in Central Java erupted predicted would return late this year or early next year. The reason is one of the most active volcano on Java island that have entered the four-yearly cycle of eruptions.

"Merapi last erupted in 2006. So natural that its activity is now high again because of the energy collected already a lot," said Head of Geological Sukhyar Bandung, in Bandung, West Java, on Sunday (26 / 9).

Regarding the large or small eruption, Bandung Geological Agency can not be predicted. Because it depends on the volume of energy in the magma chamber.

He further explained, during a week ahead of Merapi activity is likely to increase. Marked by more volcanic earthquakes, the growth of the dome, and a fire glowing in the main crater.

"We has an stasus determination procedures. Until now, still wary. If Merapi more aggressive status will be upgraded to the standby phase," he explained.

Typically, light Sukhyar, increased activity of Merapi that caused the status to be raised will last approximately one month to two months. That means there's still time for citizens to prepare themselves before the eruption actually occurs.

"Evacuation is only done if the alert status of Merapi rose. I think the citizens and local governments there have experience with Merapi disaster because it had to simulate the evacuation and the evacuation route was already prepared," he explained. Indonesia Today

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