Police Still Surround Mount Singgalang

The hunt for two armed gang who broke into a herd of three ATMs on Campus University of Bung Hatta, Padang, West Sumatra Police continue to be done. Siege of the meeting. The two fugitives are believed to be a certain height.

"Police still localize Iwan suspected of masterminding the robbery. Allegedly, Iwan and his colleagues are in a certain altitude on Mt Singgalang. The rest lived alone. Two was all we still pursue," said police chief Vishnu Bukittinggi AKBP Andayana when contacted, Monday 27 September 2010.

Iwan pursuing troops deployed, include Sumatra and the Police Mobile Brigade police personnel from the Police Bukittinggi. In anticipation for the perpetrators do not escape onto the highway, police had sealed off and localized access it. So this robber suspects believed to be hard to get out of the location.

"We're just waiting now how well they survive. Currently on the mountain the temperature is cold," said Vishnu.

Iwan and one other suspect allegedly took money of hundreds of millions of rupiah and seven weapons. Herd this robber ransacked three ATM machines on the campus of the University of Bung Hatta on Saturday morning last. Police is still investigating the origin of the weapons they use.

Rob herd consists of 10 people. Eight people were overpowered officers several hours after their actions known. Four of them were shot dead, three people were injured and one person surrendered to the authorities. The perpetrators came from Lampung and Jambi.

In the action they were using two cars. One of them is Toyota Avanza is rented from a rental in Padang Pariaman. The car was found from the foothills toward the Malala. Malala Line unfinished construction can penetrate into Outer Padang, Bukittinggi and Agam.

Police still have not mentioned whether this robbery had something to do with terrorist acts as in the case of robbery at Bank CIMB Niaga, Medan in mid-August. Indonesia Today

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