Aceh Islamic Law: Selling Rice As Ramadan Day Two Women caned eight times

A total of two women selling rice during the day on Ramadan 1431 Hijri, Baet Village residents, District Darussalam Aceh Besar District, flogged in public for perbutannya violate Islamic Sharia.

"Whips in addition to a penalty, could also provide a deterrent effect and lessons, both to the guilty, as well as to the general public," said Head of Satpol PP and the Islamic Police (WH) Marzuki Aceh province, on Saturday (10/02/2010).

Procession caning of two women namely Pure Amris bint (27) and Rukiah bint Abdullah (22) on the front page of Masjid Al-Munawarah Jantho, on Friday (1 / 10), who witnessed hundreds of residents in the capital of Aceh Besar district was.

Both were found guilty by the judges Syar'iyah Aceh Besar, because his actions had violated the canon (Perda) No. 11 of 2002, article 22 paragraph 1 of Aqidah, Worship and the Sharia, and in conjunction with article 55 paragraph 1 to 1 Penal Code.

Both condemned the flogging offense by selling rice in the daytime during Ramadan last. And the caning was undertaken after after getting the legal provisions of Syar'iyah Aceh Besar.

In addition to the two women, a violator of other Islamic Shari'a law which bin Fakhruddin T Aaron (34), also undergo caning because it violates the Qanun No. 13 of article 23 paragraph 1, of gambling or gambling.

Pure and Rukiah, each gets caning three times and two times. While Fakhruddin bin T Aaron received eight lashes.

Marzuki explained, detainees were arrested by personnel or pegawas WH Islamic Law in a raid in late August.

"If a woman, we were caught while they were selling rice in the morning to the citizens of the fasting month. It violates not only the rule of law, but the rules of custom and social rules of society in Aceh," he explains.

Meanwhile, whip the Fakhruddin inmate arrested officers are selling gambling toggle, but the buyers did not succeed arrested for running away.

Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Islamic Law in Aceh Besar Hasbi, said during the year 2010 recorded three times in the process of whipping done, with the defendant five people, each with two cases of gambling and violation of worship.

In addition, as many as three people condemned to escape, and until now has not been found. "We still continue to chase, and the legal process still apply to those who fled," Hasbi said.

Implementation of caning was the implementation of Islamic Sharia law in Aceh, he added could form the lesson for the citizens, so they would not break them.

Start whipping into force in Aceh since 2004. Implementation of prime caning in Bireun, with seven other violators of Islamic Law. Indonesia Today

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