Bring Condoms to School

Various efforts to improve student discipline continues Secondary Education Office of East Jakarta. One of them by holding Operation Wijaya Kusuma in schools. The result is quite surprising, as many as 35 students from 120 high school and vocational school who raided found to carry a number of goods, which should not be allowed entry into the school environment.
There's even a student who was caught carrying condoms and pornographic video stores on his cell phone. In addition there are also dozens of iron-headed belt that allegedly will be used to brawl by students. Many students also caught storing cigarettes in the bag.

Details, one student was caught carrying a condom, 21 students took an iron-headed buckle, 11 students took cigarettes, and 2 students in a pornographic video store a cell phone.

Students are directly handed to the respective schools to be given guidance and sanctions for violations committed.

"Schools who raided numbered 120. Kasi Secondary Education from each district that recommend schools that were targeted operations. For those students who netted the operation was handed back to the school to be sanctioned and further development," said Suharyanto, Kasudin Secondary Education East Jakarta.

The operation involves a number of related units such as police officers, Police Civil Service Unit (Satpol PP) as well as all the schools concerned. The goal to prevent any student brawl and negative behavior among students.

"But during the examination took place, did not find any students who bring weapons and drugs. So that to this day authority to the students who netted, we submit to the school. But we still anticipate that with further surgery," said Suharyanto.

Dikmen Sudin Head High School Education, East Jakarta, Budianto, adding Wijaya Kusuma Operations performed in order to educate as well as the seriousness of the school to students. So the operation became a way to provide a deterrent effect on student behavior that deviates.

"This operation is not a scary thing, because we only want to create the discipline of the students in the school environment. We expect to each school to create an atmosphere conducive to providing guidance to students to be the best," he said. Indonesia Today

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