Danial Tanjung: I'm too old to be arrested for corruption

Lawyers Danial Tanjung, Badrani, requested the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) not to hold his client. The reason, senior politicians of the United Development Party (PPP) was very old.

"We ask the Commission not to hold him. Also, he does not enjoy the money," said Danial accompany Badrani after undergoing examination by KPK investigators, Jakarta, Friday, October 1, 2010.

Badrani justify his client receive a check for $ 500 million of your colleagues on the House Banking and Finance Commission period of 1999-2004 and at the same mates fractions, AJ Endin Soefihara. However, because not knowing the check is given to what, then Danial entrust to someone.

"He (Daniel) was never told this money is for what and whose money," he said. Currently, according to Badrani, a check worth $ 500 million already disbursed were not used by Danial. "The money has not been used," he said.

Meanwhile, after examination, Danial about 75 years old did not answer reporters' questions. When asked to do with cases of alleged bribery in the election of Bank Indonesia senior deputy governor Miranda Swaray Goeltom won, Danial only mumble. "Huh .. hmm .. hmmm." Indonesia Today

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