Gold Discovered in UII Temple Complex

Institute for Conservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Yogyakarta find some gold pieces and objects made of gold during the restoration site in Complex Kimpulan Indonesian Islamic University (UII) in Yogyakarta.

"The discovery of gold was being investigated and until now we have not finished," said Chief BP3 Herni Pramastuti Yogyakarta, Friday (1 / 10).

A number of gold objects have been found among other 12 bowls containing various pieces of knick-knacks, two gold coins, gold pieces illustrated lotus flowers, and various types of metals of silver, bronze, glass, and stone.

The first gold discovered in August. The objects of gold and silver pieces and bronze were discovered during ongoing dismantling of the temple pedestals. He estimates that the finding of gold will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, one of the archaeologist who conducted the study site, Manggarsari, said that while dismantling yoni and phallus in the main temple, the team found stone peripih. On that stone peripih found gold coins padma pictorial relationship of about two centimeters in diameter and one millimeter thick. He said the lotus flower is a symbol of purity in Hinduism.

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