Indomie was rejected in Taiwan and hongkong

Taiwan authorities late last week recalled all products Indomie instant noodles from the market because it allegedly contains a number of harmful elements. Apart from Taiwan, two leading supermarket chains in Hong Kong for a while also not selling instant noodles are popular in Indonesia.

According to the daily pages of Hong Kong, The Standard. In the news Monday, October 11, 2010, the daily said that two leading supermarkets in Hong Kong, ParknShop and Wellcome, pulled all products Indomie from their shelves.

This move followed an announcement from the Taiwanese authorities on Friday, October 7, 2010, that Indomie is sold in their country contains two preservatives are prohibited, namely methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and benzoic acid. Two elements should only be used to make cosmetics.

Use of the two preservatives were forbidden to use to make food. In addition to Taiwan, the ban also applies in Canada and Europe. According to The Standard, if the materials consumed, consumers are at risk of vomiting. Also, when consumed regularly or in amounts substantially, consumers will suffer metabolic acidosis, or too much acid in the body.

Conversely, Indomie importer in Hong Kong, Fok Hing (HK) Trading, said that instant noodles were still safe to eat and meet the standards in Hong Kong and the World Health Organization. It is based on the results of quality testing in June, which found no hazardous materials.

"Indomie instant noodles are safe to eat and go to market Hong Kong lawat legal channels," the statement Fok Hing. They suspect, Indomie problem in Taiwan is probably illegally imported food.

Meanwhile, supermarkets that sell goods from Indonesia in the district of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, the East-Southern Cuisine Express, stating that the instant noodles they sell are not contraband and is safe for consumption.

In Hong Kong, Indomie instant noodles which are cheaper than other products and became the favorite foods Indonesian citizens who work as domestic servants. Indonesia Today

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