RI delegation Car Accident at Toll JORR 76

The series of vehicles owned by police officers with a number of RI 76 had run into difficulty because one party vehicle accident, at around 07.00 am, Friday, October 1, 2010. RI-numbered cars are 76 official vehicles Deputy Chairman of the Assembly (DPD element) Ahmad Farhan Hamid.

Car accidents do not happen to a car belonging to the official directly, but motor vehicle that crashed into the guard BM located at the very front.

Consequently, molecular motors driven by Brigadier One Harmoko, bounced. Direct victims evacuated to the Police Hospital, Kramatjati, East Jakarta, because of minor injuries.

"No car officials. But the car that crashed into the motorcycle escorts BM," said Brig Two Riza, Traffic Management Center operators.

According to Riza, the accident occurred at Toll JORR KM 32 from the east, not far from Terminal Kampung Rambutan.

As a result of the accident, which was hit by a motorcycle escort was damaged on the exhaust, and escort cars were damaged in the rearview mirror and windshield. Indonesia Today

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