Saipul Jamil Want to Marry a Virgin

Saipul Jamil enthusiastic when told he already has a new woman of your dreams. Reportedly, this dangdut singer is ready to marry her lover.

Do not want too long a widower, bang-Ipul close calls of Saipul Jamil intend to edit the woman of his dreams-who is a model.

"I do not stand alone. I already have a new, 20-year old initials M, she studied at Cimahi," said Jamil Saipul who met at the JCC, October 1, 2010.

Next year, referred to as the year Ipul appropriate for a wedding. "God willing, if not February or March is," he said.

When asked by reporters whether his future wife's status as a widow, Ipul answered with ease and confidence.

"Why, I was hooked virgin. What is clear Thank God, when I asked, still a virgin or not, she said later on you try it out," said Ipul with a laugh.

Dewi Persik ex-husband, the claim was never questioned his future wife's virginity status. "The real problem is not a virgin virgin let her affairs to the Lord, which is important openness wrote," says Ipul.

The characteristics of the female hero, depicted as a female Ipul a soft, pretty, white, tall slender body with long hair. Pedangdut who had advanced in this election for his future wife wants to wear hijab.

"When married, she must leave everything, including his profession as a model. So if you want to be a wife should hear my words, and be close to God," he said. Indonesia Today

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