Taufik Kiemas not memorized Pancasila

Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly Taufiq Kiemas wrong word while reading the five precepts of Pancasila phrase in commemoration of his supernatural powers in Monument Pancasila Pancasila Sakti, Crocodile Hole, East Jakarta, Friday (1 / 10).

Taufiq who got the assignment to read the Preamble of Act of 1945 called the phrase: "Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh bangsa Indonesia." Supposedly, according to the fifth item of Pancasila, reads: "Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia."

Kesaktian Pancasila Day commemorations attended by the ministers, besides also followed a number of guests from foreign countries. Students from elementary school through high school also be a participant. The ceremony itself was directly led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Besides Taufiq Kiemas, chairman of the institutions of other countries that also become ceremonial officer of the Regional Representatives Council Chairman Irman Gusman and Chairman of the Board of Representatives Marzuki Alie. Irma gets read Pancasila and Marzuki recite the Pledge. Both run the 'task' with the smooth.

Taufiq Kiemas commemorations after admitting to being wrong mention the phrase. "It's just a bit wrong," he said.

Pancasila Day commemoration ceremony magic begins at 08.00 am at the Monument Pancasila Sakti, Crocodile Hole, East Jakarta. Commemoration Day of Pancasila Sakti-related cases a number of generals who carried out the kidnapping of activists of the Communist Party of Indonesia on September 30, 1965. Indonesia Today

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