Terrorist vs police in North Sumatra this morning

Serdang Bedagai Police shut down all the way to the outer districts to localize armed gangs involved fighting fire with officers in the area of High cliffs, on Thursday night.

Until early this morning the pursuit was carried out and maintenance of increasingly tightened.

Police Chief Jerry AKBP Resort Serdang Bedagai Safari said during exchanges of fire, the gang ran and split up.

"Four people went into Dolog Masihol, Serdang Bedagai. The information is, there is also to Pamela. We'll just comb it and close the way out," Jerry said when contacted Friday, October 1, 2010

The pursuit till dawn was still done by involving dozens of police, but no definite information on whether the fourth was away or still around Dolog Masihol.

Gunfire between police and three armed men long barrel this happened at 19.30 pm, Thursday at the intersection of Jalan Sutomo, High Cliff. When the pursuit of one motorcycle belonging to one of these groups out of gas.

At that time, this unknown person pointing a gun to the police on the side of the road and seized a motorcycle owned by Mio and Supra. The three gunmen were then entered into the Sub Dolog Masihol. This group allegedly part of a network that an attack on police Overlay Silver some time ago. Indonesia Today

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