Tifatul Sembiring AIDS Jokes: Akibat Itunya Dipakai Sembarangan

Because making jokes about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) on his Twitter account @ tifsembiring, Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring criticizes the thousands of his followers.

Through personal accounts @ tifsembiring, last Wednesday at around 9:30, Tifatul wrote as follows, "says Prof. Sujudi, former minister of health, so you can easily remember, for short is a result of AIDS = Akibat Itunya Dipakai Sembarangan."

Problem is no less so foreign media spotlight.

One of them Straits Times. Daily pages that tell how tweet Minister Tifatul have reaped the wrath of a number of tweeps response. Presenter Desi Anwar, for example, through his account @ desianwar, said, "Pak Tifatul, listen to me. If you can not make a tweet with a good and proper, you better be quiet."

A journalist, Candra Malik, through his account @ candramalik also criticize. "AIDS is a health issue, not a joke sir," he tweet.

Responding to criticism that, Tifatul said that all people have a right to voice his opinion on Twitter. She said 'have no intention to harass the people with AIDS. What he wrote merely quoting a sentence that never posed a professor who was campaigning for the danger of AIDS. Indonesia Today

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