Army Security Reason in Congress PSSI Doubtful

Jakarta -Army organisation grounded 3 trucks that are dispatched to legislature field PSSI at Hotel Premiere, Pekanbaru, Riau, is for section as the organisation request. However, hunting at the activities of TNI organisation in the field, the think that comely section is doubtful.

“For safety’s fine, no problems. But as I wager it on television, ground verify the section alarum in face of hotels, flag-Geber digeber distribute by soldiers in uniform, “said Vice Chairman of Commission I, TB Hasanuddin, when contacted by AFP on Sunday (27/03/2011).

Politics of Democratic Party of Struggle said, if the achievement of mountain of expeditionary organisation devoted to safety, then they should be manning the posts that have been determined. Hasanuddin not wager section sworn by the TNI in accordance with the procedure.

“There are movements by the TNI. It’s not a section activities, haw be indicated even provocation,” said old Army Maj. Gen. test senior is. “Many people who do not same to Nurdin Halid (PSSI Ketum-red), but involving the TNI in the domain that are not included in the main duty was also regrettable,” said President Megawati Sukarnoputri Military Secretary of this era. previously reported, mountain of members of the Army who are transported by threesome trucks had been reportable near to the field PSSI Congress, at the Hotel The Premier, Pekanbaru. Of the threesome trucks, down most 50 expeditionary people in homogenous and plainclothes rest.

Army spokesman, Brig Wiryantoro, denies interfering in a legislature of PSSI, where the Army Chief of Staff martyr Toisutta Jendaral impart ketum nervy in nomination. According to him, martyr was told, his electioneering is a individualized agenda, so it module not circularize the army.

“Sir martyr some times been asserted that,” said Wiryantoro.

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