Ba’asyir Willing to Attend Session If Witness Request

Jakarta -The accused terrorist Abu Bakar Ba’asyir housing back to participate trial. He promised not to walk discover when the attestator asked him to sit in the shack dock.

“I do not listen unless the attestator was asked,” Ba’asyir said upon achievement at the South Djakarta District Court, Jl Raya Ampera weekday (24/04/2011).

Ba’asyir who wore white robes arrived at 8:10 pm. Amir Jamaat Tawhid Ansharut (Jat) is escorted by heavily brachiate Brimob officers towards prisoners waiting room.

Ba’asyir said he was not questioning if his absence affects the defense. Caregiver Pondok Pesantren Al Ngruki Solo admits she ease has a quantity to indorse himself.

“It was no cursive plea. These witnesses who dont undergo me much. I undergo digit thing, and that its BAP many of which hit nothing to do with me. What I undergo digit thing, others do not hit anything to do, “he said.

Agenda ease checks this instance trial witnesses. Several nowadays a session, Ba’asyir ever walk discover because the attestator gave testimony via teleconference. Witnesses requested testimony from a distance, according to prosecutors, citing emotion of gathering Ba’asyir. However, the determine never mengkroscek to the attestator whether they are afraid to wager Ba’asyir.

Watchlist AFP, the flow of reciprocation on laboring Jl Raya Ampera smoothly. It appears a number of Ba’asyir’s supporters, but not laboring as the preceding sessions that can reach hundreds. Meanwhile, road country has been carried discover since this morning.

Hundreds of officers on protect in both the face and right the court. 2 Units and 1 car Gegana barracuda car already parked in the court yard.

(Ape / NRL)

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