MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard Mouse

By Edwin Kee 03/28/2011, 9:36 pm PT

So you hit a HTPC (Home Theater PC) set up in your experience room, and intend to hit the best peripherals work for you â€" in the most comfortable manner, at least. Enter the MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard Mouse, where this palm-sized device comprises of a 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard that requires batteries and a liberated USB opening to function. You won’t encounter a trackball here though, as it boasts of an optical touchpad which lets you interact more fully with your operating grouping sans wires, as long as it relic within a 7 to 10 meter range, making it amend for most experience shack environments. At 93 grams, it is clearly farther more lightweight than you imagined, so forking discover $ 50 for this isn’t every too painful, is it?

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