Nintendo 3DS Region Lock: Confirmed

By Hubert Nguyen 03/24/2011, 12:02 pm PT

Console and DVD users are rattling familiar with the region-lock concept: companies divide the concern into sub-regions, and make trusty that content bought in one location only works there. There are many reasons, but it mainly has to do with toll control. This allows the consort to understanding games for a higher toll in countries where the mart can give it, and lower the toll in places where the mart can’t bear higher prices. But for this to work, one needs to refrain imports from lower-priced regions, hence the lock.

The Nintendo 3DS has been confirmed to be locked. Those who hit proven buying games from added location hit institute that 3DS games don’t impact (DS games do). It’s commonly not a big deal for most users, but it could be an irritation for the enthusiast who can’t wait to intend a console, or a newborn game which came out abroad.

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