Sragen local elections, candidates PDIP fell at Bull Cage

Sragen -Couple Agus Fatchurrahman-Daryono managed to curve the couple Kusnidar Yuni Luckily Sukowati-Darmawan Minto Basuki submitted by the PDIP. Prince regent of Sragen, such Wiyono, lost in one of his party’s important humble area.

Sragen Election held today, Saturday (03/19/2011), followed by five couples, Wiyono-Dariyanto (Gerindra, PPRN and 16 band nonparlemen), Sularno-Kushardjono (independent), Danang Wijaya-Sumiyarno (independent), Yuni-Darmawan (PDIP, supported the Democratic Party, PKS, PKB PR) and Agus-Daryono (Golkar Party, PAN, and PPP) .

Kusdinar Yuni is a member of the DPRD Sragen of F-PDIP, which is also the girl of Sragen Regent Wiyono. While Darmawan Minto Basuki was Secretary of Sragen Regency. While Agus Fatchurrahman is vice regent of Sragen and pasagannya, Daryono, is a private pegusaha.

Unexpectedly hold the field parties to Yuni-Darmawan not yielded significant results. While in Parliament Sragen, PDIP curb 17 seats, Democrats 7 seats, PKB 5 seats, 4 way and the VFD. While Agus-Daryono exclusive supported the Golkar Party with 6 seats, PAN chair, and the UPPP a seat.

From the inbound good in Sragen Regency, on Saturday night, Wiyono-Dariyanto take 1.98 proportionality of the vote, Sularno-Kushardjono take 0.98 percent, Danang Wijaya-Sumiyarno take 1.96 percent, Yuni-Darmawan take 43.21 percent, Agus-Daryono take 51.87 proportionality of the vote.

“The vocalise that has been entry from every districts in Sragen who are 20 districts. The vocalise that came in most 10 proportionality of every voters. We crapper not prognosticate the test vote. The Voice capitulation manual we module do incoming Tuesday, “said Fadhil Mansyuruddin Sragen KPU members.

The hurried calculate by the aggroup success-Daryono Agus said the couple has gained 163,161 votes (52.95 percent), Yuni-Darmawan 126 451 (41.03 percent), Wiyono-Dariyanto 8548 votes (2.77 proportionality ), Dana-Sumiyarno 6727 votes (2.18 percent), Sularno-Kushardjono 3277 votes (1.06 percent).

Calculations were supported on valid votes are composed from every witnesses d TPS, which accumulated up to at 17.00 pm. Based on these calculations Agus-Daryono aggroup was nearly sure would win the election Sragen though the coverall calculate has not been completed.

“To be open I should be proud and glad to hit been obliged to hold the consortium so many of the citizens of Sragen. But the calculation not still complete. We still hit to oversee every stages of this election is to be eradicated, “said Agus Fatchurrahman when contacted on Saturday night.

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