Sushi restaurant provides Geiger counter for peace of mind

By Edwin Kee 03/24/2011, 9:35 pm PT

What would you wait to intend when you travel measure into a Japanese restaurant? Some of us would conceive of chopsticks and porcelain bowls, but this sushi edifice in island is substance a handheld Geiger furniture (a figure which crapper detect levels of radiation), letting diners inspect their food for some radioactivity before they dip it with a dash of wasabi. The edifice in Taipei definite to go aweigh with this new intent after diners expressed their concerns over leaking nuclear reactors in Japan.

Restaurant someone Wang Fang-pin said, “When the hardship struck Japan, our someone was rattling afraid about the subsequent problems. After we were briefed about the Geiger counter, we purchased it correct away. This artefact our customers crapper put their minds at ease, and I conceive it is necessary to measure them.”

A manoeuvre that might meet bring in more sales? What do you conceive of it?

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