Vice Chairman of the House Eat in Lesehan Malioboro

Yogyakarta -Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Taufik Kurniawan dinner at lesehan Malioboro, Yogyakarta. Taufik meet to Yogyakarta was not for semipolitical affairs, but met with members of the Association of walkway vendors Indonesia (APKLI) Yogyakarta region.

The methodicalness Taufik served as Chairman of the Advisory Council (DP) APKLI. In one stall Lesbian cooked chickens and pigeons in Malioboro, which is in front of the Hotel Inna Garuda, Taufik dinner APKLI DPP Chairman, Dr. calif Maksum and a commission of APKLI division of DIY and DPD APKLI Yogyakarta.

To the shop managers and APKLI Lesbian, she requested that every orderly and law-abiding members of the topical government. Local polity and evilness versa vendors should not be treated each another as enemies but must work together.

“Street vendors were the actual heroes of the economy. Currently based on BPS there are 22.9 meg grouping who springy so street vendors. APKLI if authorised could be a bounteous force, “he said.

According to him, when the sort of grouping living on the pavement facet grew a lot does not bode well. This truism shows the level of welfare of the grouping has not been equitable distribution. However, if the sort of grouping employed in the facet attenuated fivesome feet, it’s a beatific sign.

“That effectuation that the street vendors has been flourishing because some entrepreneurs who rose so high. When there are street vendors who succeed do not forget to save for assets and for older age insurance, “said the leader from the PAN.

As a member of Parliament in calculate of welfare, it also supports the efforts to wage social section and health so that life is more prosperous street vendors. It crapper be fought finished the land budget proposed by the government. Who had been ease limited to be done finished topical governments respectively.

“If vendors are able to exist, we crapper support for the programs that are budgeted finished the land budget we crapper use. Do not just be utilised by a group of grouping who do not or clear-Abal Abal, “he said.

Taufik also supports the efforts of the members in Malioboro street vendors to reassert visit and cleanliness around. Order them realized by swing a toll itemize and label datum “Clean and Hiegenis”.

In response, the Chairman of the DPD APKLI city of Yogyakarta, Rudiarto said it continues to encourage traders / stalls lesehan in Malioboro to be open and not nuthuk or process prices unreasonably. Because it would be harmful to traders because the grouping who module acquire module be well and would not come again.

“They slowly realize, if not place a toll itemize that would harm its own traders. They are now bold pairs of itemize price. Because if they do not attach a toll itemize are not modify afraid to sell, “said Rudiarto.

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