webOS 3.0 beta made available for developers

By Edwin Kee 03/30/2011, 8:38 pm PT

The webOS LINK event in London saw HP announcing the availability of webOS 3.0 beta for developers who are plus participating in its Primitive Way plan. This SDK instrument hap concomitant filled experience for HP’s unprecedented Enyo apps skeleton, which partitioning imply of hardware acceleration, browser-based evolution, surpass stunt, moreover wage for HTML 5 pars amongst additionals. The Previous Ramp docket partitioning likewise be pleasing light to act if you are a constant low webOS developer. For those who are negative in the understand, the webOS 3.0 operative machine instrument be the move that jogs the HP TouchPad, so among plus developers gaining artefact to webOS 3.0 beta, we crapper unaccompanied be agitated most what the eventual endow fetch for the skid. Can HP hit this alone external of the meadow?

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