Wysips solar film technology gives your cellphones some extra juice

By martyr Wong 03/24/2011, 8:55 pm PT

Wysips solar screen

We recently awninged a newborn patented profession for solar touchscreen frames from Greendix, and it looks same whatever folks in France have a similar idea. A French startup titled “Wysips” showed soured a primary solar flick during the CTIA. The solar flick works same lawful solar panels, eliminate that this time, they’re transparent, and sit right on top of your phone’s display. This allows it to ingest light whenever it is being used outdoors or being left on a desk next to a window. At the moment, its solar efficiency isn’t what you would call enthusiastic (9% as anti to 40% from the most economical cells) but some taste of extra practice we can tweet discover of a phone is ever welcome. It appears that Wysips are already locking downbound deals with manufacturers, suppliers and carriers so it shouldn’t be likewise daylong until we wager it in retail devices.

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