Apple confirms Verizon iPad 2 3G issues

By martyr Wong 04/08/2011, three:57 pm PT

iPad 2

It looks like Verizon’s conclusion over AT&ampT for having much less dropped calls on the iPhone quaternary has been short lived. Recently, ostensibly a number of Verizon customers hit been querulous most issues with their iPad 2 tablets conjunctive to Verizon’s 3G service. Nobody is constructive most what the causing of the difficulty is, but it seems to take locate when folks turn off the 3G unification and try to turn it back on. Apple has recognized that it is a difficulty although they didn’t specify how a aggregation of tablets were affected, and when a cure module be issued. But on the web, some men and women mentioned that rebooting the device with 3G on solves the difficulty, another folks feature a patronage and a set of the paper works as well. But whatever the case is, it shouldn’t be a dilemma for a device as grown as the iPad â€" soon after every Apple seemed to hit fixed unification difficulties with the Verizon iPhone four. Hopefully the iOS four.3.2 connector rumored to come in the reaching weeks fixes these troubles. Have some of you experienced much issues with your Verizon 3G iPad 2?


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