Developer interest in Android waning?

By George Wong – 04/26/2011 03:36 PDT

Android developerIs developer welfare for the Android operating method feat downhill? Well, the folks over at IDC and Appcelerator seem to conceive so. They recently ran a analyse in which 2,760 Appcelerator Titanium developers responded, and for Q1 of 2011, developer welfare in Android phones had dropped 2% to 85% while developer welfare in Android tablets fell three% to 71%. Apparently developers aren’t too stabbing on hopping onto the paper bandwagon.

With the iPad high the paper activity share, it’s not hard to wager why developers don’t actually flamboyant the intent of coding to Android tablets â€" correct after every everybody wants to make apps that more folks hit admittance to so they can earn assets proper? Because 1 of the field concerns for developers is the skill fragmentation that is happening in today’s concern â€" developers hit to see Objective C to develop for iOS and Java for Android, which makes it hard for one developer to become up with the aforementioned apps on 2 diverse platforms, not to name keeping both versions of the same app updated as well.

Even so, regardless of developer interest, Android is ease the runner up to the iOS in terms of market deal â€" it was exclusive this month we saw the launching of a new paper OS â€" QNX on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Later this year we’ll be sight HP’s webOS as well, which need to make issues interesting.

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