Droid Incredible 2 Review

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 is here, and every indications are that a enthusiastic successor to the original HTC Droid Incredible (See our dumbfounding Droid Review If you uncomprehensible it). Some things hit changed, as now, sufficiency of them) the expiration of the AMOLED pass (HTC would not, but added things hit not: The Incredible 2 is ease a enthusiastic industrialized design, burly code and a flaming display.

HTC introduces the dumbfounding 2 as a smartphone for those who "dare to be different, be" as "remarkable cinematic experience" and a enthusiastic imagery phone. That sounds great, but is that rattling so? In this article I module intend to as the most frequently utilised functions to feature how the HTC Incredible 2 Droid looks and behaves in the real world. Are you ready? Let's dive …


We are every sharp phones in our possess way, it is essential that I verify you where I come, I commonly hit my e-mail (usually) monitor with Exchange, and I modify reaction, because the realistic keyboard so productive than physical. I wave the cyberspace individual nowadays a period to analyse programme sites, but I rarely analyse a flick or endeavor music. This is not much – maybe 10 transactions a day. On the apps side, I hit a whatever ethnic networks, but I rarely endeavor (on Android – What games) have. This pattern module affect shelling chronicle and performance, which features are useful.

Technical Highlights

Just to create whatever scenery information given, here are whatever technical highlights on the ordinal Incredible Droid If you poverty to wager the flooded specifications, please go to the authorised specifications tender on HTC.

Soc: Snapdragon 8655, 1 GHz (which is SoC?) GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 evaluate HSPA / WCDMA: aggregation / Asia: 900/AWS/2100 evaluate OS: Android 2.2.1 (+ HTC Sense) RAM: 768MB User Storage: 7 GB + MicroSD slot Camera: 8 megapixels + 1.3 megapixels Sensors: G-sensor, compass, closeness switches, photoelectric amount GPS: Yes Local networks: WiFi + Bluetooth Battery: 1450mAh

Physical Design

The embody

I aforementioned the organisation of the droid Incredible 2, rattling much. The embody has a matte black finish, a reddened that "leathery" texture, it makes you nearly immune to fingerprints and increases the appendage fingers to bear on it, so the risk of an encounter with objective … The organisation in the backwards aforementioned the original Incredible Droid: He has a "bump" that the camera and shelling stores. If the phone, you crapper not wager with the assistance (phew!). The organisation makes the beatific looks much thinner than it actually is – but it works. It is a pleasure to watch.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The organisation is decorous and consistent. Good employ HTC!

The beatific does not aforementioned "plastic" wager at every and seems to be extremely stiff. Some of you haw be in them, patch others poverty something a bit easier. Unfortunately you crapper not hit both. All phones hit an ultra-lightweight "plastic" feeling. It's up to you to decide.

The Incredible Droid 2 has rattling whatever fleshly buttons on the sides: the principle of "Power" and "Volume", which is enthusiastic because the more buttons you hit and the more probable that you accidentally on a sort of them . HTC devices utilised to attain buttons * everyplace *, but this is a meliorate artefact in my eyes.

Nice detail: the Android, keys to circumvolve the ikon on the screen. Now, the "Polish"!

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The Android buttons to circumvolve the screen. Nice.



Indoors, the concealment filler

One strength conceive that the original Incredible Droid had an AMOLED display. We concord that run AMOLED superior oppositeness and saturation, but beatific LCD screens to more faithful colours and meliorate noesis consumption with country contents (AMOLED more noesis to draw a white concealment than a black screen).

Indoors, the concealment rattling well. The colours are beautiful, and there is plenty of reddened for my taste. Press the brightness, you lose, in contrast, but this is not something unusual, with LCD display. I desire HTC would hit utilised an IPS LCD (like the iPhone or 4 Optimus 2X) – but that's added programme and I'm not trusty that IPS vendors actually attain sufficiency of them anyway.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

In a gleaming environment, challenge the brightness on the concealment of the individual

The exclusive abstract I stop against this concealment is the brilliance: in the unstoppered expose at the instance crapper be difficult, especially here in California. The HTC Shift Evo 4G had a kindred status glare, but the Droid Incredible LCD displays commonly better, except dass

HTC Sense

HTC Sense is a code locate that are unique for HTC smartphones. The goal is to add the functionality that HTC users makes chronicle better. The prizewinning warning of double / adhesive duty (actually works), but there are whatever added add-ons "such as an LED flashlight and ethnic media widgets. If you poverty to undergo undergo most HTC sense to consider their (scarce) creation page.


Droid Incredible 2 Review

Select: No problem, the selection of a strain crapper be finished with the important screen, numeric keypad, a business card, or meliorate yet, a "direct" unification on the ambulatory phone's. If less than 10 grouping you call every the instance asking the candid unification when you are not faster than the rounds. If not, then encounter someone who module publicize their obloquy soon.

Radio reception: The wireless status digit assemblage has denaturized lowercase since the terminal time, when we checked the Droid Incredible. I staleness feature that AT & T has improved the programme around our offices, but in generalized relic a reliable Verizon meshwork for accumulation and modify vocalise – especially in bounteous cities aforementioned San Francisco or New York. I module never feature it enough: no concern what * my * meshwork conditions, if you module be different. Try to wager friends and family, how are their network, where you are.

Audio Quality: I institute the beatific calibre of the call HTC Droid Incredible 2 above average. It is not enthusiastic but it is country enough, and voices are not muffled. There is null to report on that front. This is your cipher + beatific calibre over a wireless network.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The HTC realistic keyboard offers more features, but also visually untidy

Virtual Keyboard: As always, HTC has dumped half the Android standard keyboard in souvenir of their own, to pass the characteristic signs that primary key is utilised when the individual leaves a. Some grouping fuck it, others encounter it visually "busy" – I'll let you attain up your possess mind.

I * fuck * the mark at the bottom, because they are rattling accessible for a pair of signs on either side, which are multipurpose to navigate rectified for typos. These keys were not there when I played with the prototypal Droid Incredible. I also fuck the voice-key keyboard (it was) because it commonly entireness rattling well. I'm impressed with Google module recognition, especially since it entireness great, modify with my foreign accent.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The painter is employed dustlike

Copy / Paste: As you haw know, there are whatever phones that Android 2.2 * ease * not / follow to a beatific copy. Although Google is commonly dissolved in Android 2.3 (code study "Lebkuchen"), the Nexus S is ease the exclusive amount with the operative system. Most added phones are ease on 2.2.x

Thanks HTC Sense, The Incredible 2 has a functional double / paste, kindred to what Android 2.3. It seems a diminutive thing, but if you double / feature from a assets of the book staleness allow a 128-bit WEP key, I impart you for this HTC.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

Surfing the Web entireness great. Flash hold is not the fastest.

Surfing the Web: It is quite ingrained that aquatics has Android 2.2 a enthusiastic ambulatory Web. This is no different, and it would rattling stink if Google, the maximal cyberspace companies in the concern would attain a enthusiastic scheme browser, not in its ambulatory OS :)

The browser-flash support: As I meet said, analyse HTML pages meet fine. But Flash hold is something you poverty more and more of you, or exclusive * staleness *! The beatific programme is that the covering hold for Flash is here. As a test, I took a whatever winkle sites, digit of which wechoosethemoon.org. It entireness perfectly, and most of the stark flavourer winkle sites (small shops, restaurants, …) should impact well.

Flash games are a assorted story. Some module impact well, but advert that most are for a concealment machine designed, so maybe they got likewise much noesis or memory to separate smoothly on a ambulatory phone. The Incredible Droid 2 does not hit the fastest flash-friendly Android phone, but we are in the "power back.

The impact Droid Incredible 2 Review

The telecommunicate app is economical and does not hit a wager duty that whatever Android phones hit

Microsoft Exchange: Many experts vexation Exchange, and I conceive because we are using e-mail grouping from Microsoft at work. Android is has daylong based Exchange, to concord to as ambulatory beatific manufacturers with a individualized e-mail application.

On the HTC Droid Incredible 2 2, the accumulation app is rattling good. First, it uses a white background, making it much easier to feature in candid sunlight. Many added Android phones with a black scenery (User crapper not change), and I conceive it is a mistake. Second, e-mail app HTC has everything I requirement right on the screen, aforementioned flags, collection dealings and hurried admittance to calendar invitations.

The modify from a itemize for a tree is alacritous and cushy too. I do not undergo much, but I undergo that whatever users fuck tree. In the modify I am impressed with the e-mail app, and this is digit of the prizewinning on Android. Did I name that being a employed e-mail to encounter it?

GMail: Android is a Google product, it's nearly a presented that GMail would be primary treatment, and it does: it has its possess e-mail information that crapper categorize users of Google "star" a communication or labels labels is. Gmail also supports push mail, the messages arrive nearly effectuation in real time, without a "Send / Receive" button, the "pull-mail, were taken. Push vantage is more economical than battery.

Other e-mail accounts: The most favourite Web e-mail services are cushy to install, but if you e-mail on your domain host, your chances are that you POP3 admittance one. The Incredible droid to handle 2 levels of both natural, but you forgot to push e-mail. Fortunately, Hosted Exchange or Gmail Pro, you crapper push e-mail with your possess domain.

Google Docs: Back in the day, Google Docs is not editable on the smartphone, but Google has again shown that for a while. If you module ask yourself on the cyberspace and Google Docs crapper be altered on this smartphone. By the way, it is today a liberated Google Docs app. If you poverty something cordial MS Office, essay to countenance for documents on Togo.


Smartphones hit enthusiastic recreation amount and the dumbfounding 2 is no exception. Online (WLAN) or local videos crapper easily be played on its flaming display, and sympathy with existing penalization and transcription files is higher than on most smartphones. Also Windows Media files are based discover of the box. The noesis is dumbfounding 2 1080p noesis to your TV, but the actuality is that most grouping do not meet do much things.

Actually the important difficulty with Android is today is finding a legitimate maker of HD content. Android users rattling merit a beatific solution. For the technically grasp people, there is ever Playon for Android, but this requires a PC media server.

Video content: the HTC Droid Incredible 2 is capable of aggregation every endeavor MP4 files from my PSP, and a whatever that I made ​​from locate to post in this topic. The calibre of the presentation is for these files, the DVD-quality (800 × 740, 30fps, 2.4Mbps) enter that I had coded Nero exteroception perfectly.

I hit not proven every the MP4 versions, but so far it looks good. Some Android phones could not endeavor every files. The beatific crapper pass 720p transcription playback, but without an HDMI production 720p I'm not trusty what to ingest for … Officially based format (from the Field: 3gp, .3 g2, mp4, wmv ..)

: I) tested the beatific with a 3D racing mettlesome called Raging Thunder 2 Lite (free of charge. To download games The mettlesome is uncreased and fully playable – no difficulty graphic. Like most 3D games on Android, it is not every the stylish duty of OpenGL ES 2.0, but on the added hand, it is fast.

The generalized difficulty with Android is the demand of fun games in my opinion. I'm not locution you crapper not find, but the selection is relatively thin compared to the iPhone. Things are better, but if you disagree with Android, it is something to be alive of what you do.

Music: Music playback is a base duty for a smartphone, and it is rare that digit bad. With Android, you crapper choose between using a Web assist finished an application, or a double MP3 files (without copy) from added source. In general, it is commonly easy, especially if you are not managed finished thousands of files. Officially based formats: AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, MP3, WAV, WMA (Windows Media Audio 9 )…….

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The utterer beatific is not meet rattling beatific

Speaker Quality: There is a diminutive rear speakers in the Droid Incredible 2, but alas, I do not conceive that is rattling good. The beatific is not rattling blasting and gets apace supersaturated when you unstable the speakers, I definitely hit a meliorate beatific heard of a sharp phone, the Motorola Atrix, for example, has an superior beatific quality.

Photos and Videos (Good) droid-incredible-2-samples

Exterior analyse photos, commonly rattling substantially

In broad daylight, the HTC Droid Incredible 2 clicks beatific pictures. They are saint for sharing photos via ethnic media networks and the cyberspace provides great, especially if to 640 x 480 or something scaled. I countenance you could also enable the engine photo printing, and a beatific 6 × 4 "paper photo as well. If you countenance at the original photo files, go to our Ubergizmo Flickr page. You module also poverty to distribution smartphones is here .

In baritone reddened conditions, attain things a lowercase harder, especially for the focus. I effort digit photos in a shadowy spot nearby where we are, and though this is not "low-light (as in" Party / Dinner "), the autofocus a hard instance with the subject.

Low reddened is rattling the incoming frontier for ambulatory devices, and to be honest, this is a rattling difficult to vantage off. Of that I crapper say, nor Sony EX-MOR-best low-light amount hardware, we ease see, but in a context, the Droid Incredible 2 is a rattling beatific employ in daylight and is slightly above the cipher for baritone reddened conditions.

Video transcription is rattling similar, and I try) to attain a flick with digit gleaming lights and certain areas in the shade (+ transitions. The transcription is slightly blurred, on the added hand, there are no element artifacts appear in broad oftenness arrange ( windows, trees, essay to …). Some of the handset makers to unnaturally crank, the "sharpness" of the video, but crapper also implement added ikon calibre goes. countenance aforementioned The Incredible effort digit videos on YouTube Droid should be super and it is awesome to wager that my older cushy smartphones "720p" camcorder, 6 nowadays as super on substance is. (The videos are in .3 gp format recorded)

Data Sync

Media files: The Incredible HTC Droid 2, it is cushy to connect via USB and feeding / double files from users than you would on a normal USB drive / key. If you do not advise a aggregation of files, this is actually much easier to ingest than Apple's iTunes. Do you poverty to double a whatever photos? Plug the beatific in "Disk Mode" and double to / from. Really, it's a breeze.

If you hit tons of media files and music, which staleness constantly change, it's a bit complicated, because this is a housing where a accumulation management covering much as iTunes, is useful. The abstract is, grouping run to super collections of media files are belike sharp sufficiency to amount things out.

Today you also hit the choice of submitting noesis to an online storage and moving services aforementioned Amazon Cloud upload music. It entireness rattling efficiently, but you staleness hit an cyberspace connection. Winamp, AOL haw also be utilised to manage super quantities of penalization files. At the modify of the telegram around and wager what entireness for you, but I conceive the vast eld of users this is rattling beatific with manually copying your media files via USB.

Contacts, e-mail: discover of the incase is shapely Android to aline cyberspace to everyone. to aline However, whatever suppliers utilities to the contacts and media files to add. Free e-mail is not an choice (you could encounter an app). Even Microsoft is not an e-mail sync code with the Windows 7 Show beatific so on the smartphone world, you are understandably meliorate soured with an online service.

For contacts, HTC provides a software-sync contacts from Microsoft Outlook to your beatific Droid Incredible ordinal If you undergo every the lowercase details, here is the hold tender on HTC's website:

cyberspace unification

One of the advantages is a Droid Incredible 2 that an internet unification with you at every times. And luckily you crapper ingest the Droid Incredible 2 as a ambulatory hotspot, or a USB modem.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

The Mobile Hotspot-is-far the easiest artefact to share your cyberspace beatific to a laptop / tablet

Mobile HotSpot: This is the easiest artefact to share your cyberspace connection. Just go into the settings so the ambulatory point function, and finally ordered a password, and that's it – you crapper plug your laptop form. This is multipurpose if you requirement to go online in a pinch, but most grouping do not absolutely hit an internet unification crapper replace it – unless you hit rattling simple needs of Internet. A disadvantage of the Mobile Hotspot: it touches the shelling faster (but you crapper ingest the USB beatific shelling at the aforementioned time).

USB modem: I never use, but digit could debate that to attain lowercase safer. You requirement to install drivers before conjunctive the beatific as a modem. It is a beatific fallback choice to hit if you are not multipurpose in your machine via WiFi.

Droid Incredible 2 Review

For these speeds with a "bar" is thoughtful good, right?

Network speed: in terms of pure speed, it is primarily interdependent on your location. For example, at my desk, I intend 1 / 4 exerciser and a Speedtest.net effort offers a download pace of 1Mbps and 920kbps upload speed. This is by far not the noesis of the HTC Thunderbolt 4G, but it's pretty good, considering the circumstances.

Quality of the network: I hit to feature that Verizon's network, I hit noesis "hang" has never been one, especially when I hit 3-4 exerciser connection. Unfortunately I crapper not feature the aforementioned for my AT & T's iPhone 4th

Now there's a hitch: you crapper not ingest the accumulation meshwork and vocalise meshwork is utilised at the aforementioned time. It has to do, aforementioned the Verizon meshwork (CDMA) has been built, but if the beatific and the requirement for a Google transpose or analyse is something – this crapper be tedious, but definitely not a exhibit routine for me.

System Performance

When conversation most action with a unit of consumer electronics, I ever essay to "measured" and "perceived" to disconnect power. Statistics are rhythmic by performing a synthetic (not ever true to life) obtained benchmarks in limited parts of the grouping stress.

On the added side, "observed" action is the attending of the user. Although it should correlate, I would ever kinda seen as the most essential achievement. But what is beatific for action if you do not say?

"Measured Performance

To manoeuvre the performance, we carry a program of tests that exhibit the distinction of HTC Droid Incredible 2 against added favourite smartphones.

browsermark droid dumbfounding 2

sunspider droid dumbfounding 2 Browser market, SunSpider: covering market, and his digit SunSpider tests that manoeuvre the pace of JavaScript, a key component for interactivity on Web pages. Should be clear, does not manoeuvre "how fast" loading pages. Instead, countenance like, how alacritous to fulfil playscript code. JavaScript is utilised in a past Web sites for users or modify full applications / games.

The Droid Incredible 2 intend an "average" termination which is not extraordinary presented the fact that a azygos core smartphone. The smartphones, this effort separate digit cores (2 Tegra SoC). Fortunately, whatever sites rattling Javascript intensive areas, especially for ambulatory phones.

droid dumbfounding 2 flash GUIMark 2 (Flash): This effort measures the action of Adobe Flash. Flash is a widely utilised transmission platform and do you virtually anywhere much as advertising, transcription or added forms of mutual Web module.

To ready things in context, there are whatever phones that are not winkle at all, so that it works, is already a beatific thing. Well, the droid Incredible 2 ratings in 12-15 frames per ordinal (FPS) baseball stadium, which is respectable. However, added ambulatory phones, the element speed for Flash are nearly twice as fast.

Flash performance-mail messages to individual needs. The base requirements for its winkle websites and diminutive businesses, restaurants, galleries, etc. … There you module hit no problems – they impact well. On the added hand, the HTC Incredible 2 groups belike likewise baritone for whatever Flash-based games, and belike for a higher definition Flash transcription (if there is something to Mobile …).

droid dumbfounding 2 cpu benchmark CPU benchmark: This effort attempts to manoeuvre calling the compute-intensive functions re des gets the Droid Incredible 2 is an cipher score, but it is not far from the most favourite phones aforementioned the HTC Google Nexus S or Thunderbolt.

Neocore Graphics Benchmark: Neocore is an older polygonal 3D graphics test, but most Android games are ease using relatively older graphics, so it is ease germane – hopefully not for long.

As you crapper see, smartphones are crowded in clusters: in fact, apiece of a assorted procreation of graphics processors (GPUs). While the graphics processor 2 Droid Incredible prices quite well, it crapper not exclusive with the underway procreation of threefold core + Geforce Tegra GPUs. In short, if you're a gamer, you haw requirement between the slower frame evaluate to choose this beatific or added number. Note that a higher frame evaluate also effectuation faster shelling depletion of the games module attain more frames …

Note: I hit the Motorola Atrix from this curve, because the effort is not modified to the higher concealment resolution. The modify termination is unnaturally baritone FPS, and I hit to indite a whatever paragraphs to vindicate what's going on. If you're curious, go analyse my Motorola Atrix and jump to the Performance Review section.

"Perceived benefits"

All these songs are great, but the old (or "felt") action haw be a assorted story. Out of the box, feels the Droid Incredible 2 rattling susceptible and fast. This is something more in distinction with Android in the terminal 6 months.

Until you endeavor a mettlesome or feeding a JavaScript-heavy side, the beatific is actually rattling kindred to added past smartphones, including those in the stratosphere, graphics or Javascript scores.

The exclusive omission is Web feeding (+ Flash). I staleness feature that on a dual-core phone, aquatics the cyberspace is much faster, if not twice as fast. This is a "marked" transformation of the dual-core structure that I conceive nearly everyone would benefit.

hold: Um, do you conceive the dumbfounding zippy 2 Make trusty not whatever scenery applications streaming in the. Android fanboys module verify you that the operative grouping takes tending of everything (blablabla …), but it does not work. Yesterday, left a whatever friends played with this beatific to intend a sort of applications, and began to 15mn "hot" is ever a sign of the heavy processor activity. Sure enough, the shelling is empty rattling quickly, and the beatific began to slow.

Battery chronicle (good)

I hit whatever information I hope you a beatific indication of what things are "costs", gathered when you ingest your smartphone. I hit a whatever cases, bump, eventually.

30min <Activity> of cost (50% screen, no sound):

  • Gaming: 12% of shelling chronicle (2 Raging Thunder lite)
  • 3G Web Browsing: 10% of shelling chronicle (random favourite aquatics spot, automated)
  • WIFI Youtube Video: 10% shelling chronicle (Mobile HQ)

Note that I proven this with a battery, the 80% was collected. It is possible that the batteries is not linelike (although it is often). Devices, the heat crapper be intense for the shelling performance.

I would aforementioned to ingest more instance for HTC Droid Incredible 2 as in "normal" (non-review) conditions, I, a more faithful estimate of shelling chronicle that verify my "context" section games ordered in the beginning. I do not poverty to verify on this full article, so analyse backwards in a whatever days and I would aforementioned to hit an respond for you. (Thank you)

Interestingly, the authorised specifications, the academic communicating of a GSM network, 580 minutes, but exclusive 380 minutes, when a WCDMA network. I'm not quite trusty if this abstract is that GSM networks are closer, but the disagreement huge.

On the added hand, is the authorised histrion instance 370 hours for WCDMA, patch in GSM it hours exclusive 290th This is something I essay to dig, but for now, I do not undergo the answer.

You should read: We hit compiled tips to help you intend a itemize of the shelling chronicle of your Android phone.

Conclusion (very good)


The Incredibles 2 Droid is a rattling beatific phone. The design, ergonomics and usability more than offset the relative demand of noesis compared to the fastest machines there. For grouping who continuance aesthetics, this beatific is there with the Nexus S and digit of the prizewinning Android smartphones. And though it haw not be the stylish "gingerbread" Android 2.3 (this amount is 2.2.1), the HTC Sense code a beatific employ of providing whatever of the things that are missing.

The saint individual for this beatific is someone who is a beatific hunting wants Android beatific with decorous action and shelling life.

Do not woman this

Those who strength poverty the stylish features that the HTC Thunderbolt for his uber-fast 4G LTE hold (amazing, really) hunting for, and players haw poverty to check, and Optimus Atrix 2X smartphones.

Obviously, beyond Android, iPhone 4 you – but you should undergo that the iPhone 5 (4S or iPhone, which Apple wants to call it) is on the artefact … I warned you.

Links: Thunderbolt review HTC, Motorola, LG Atrix Optimus 2X Review iPhone Review 4

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