Game Boys sacrificed to create music

By king Kee 04/11/2011, 5:12 pm PT

If you analyse the recording in the long post, chances are you would have initially thought that it is whatever sort of classic 8-bit penalization presentation from a clump of Game Boys, but the actuality could not be whatever boost than that. It is, instead, whatever kinda awesome 8-bit penalization that was generated employing a clump of modded Game Boys as nicely as an electric guitar, and needless ot say, a clump of those had been sacrificed in the procedure as the pedals necessary to be produced out of one thing, right? This is 1 of the a aggregation more characteristic DIY projects, and although there are Game Boys aplenty from the 1990s era, that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting rarer by the day, so hold on to yours whilst you move for its price to revalue as other grouping worldwide move to mold of it as trash.

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