Google Chrome 11: now with voice input

George Wong – 04/28/2011 02:44 EDT

Google Chrome logo Google has exclusive 11 declared the release of steady edition of its stylish Web browser, Chrome 11th A major feature of Chrome is the combining of language. So farther the exclusive service that he uses Google Translate, but digit crapper wait some more sites to ingest in another. stylish edition of Google Chrome, go to Google Translate, on the small microphone icon at the bottom of the earth and then begin to speak. Say what you say and module speech your text. there regularly) translate from another languages ​​(and you crapper modify listen to center how how it sounds. Currently supports exclusive arts vocalise input, but you crapper wait Google more languages ​​in the future. Can you envisage another ways to ingest on the Web application on your vocalise input? The another striking feature is the introduction of Chrome 11 on the new logo. It today has a insipid edition of the unreal pie with Google instead of the customary gleaming colours Logo We hit come to recognize hardware. Chrome 11 also features expedited 3D CSS, cloud printing fault fixes, security updates, and such more. Visit Chrome today for download. What do you conceive feel the new trademark Chrome?

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