HTC Evo View 4G to ship with Honeycomb right out of the box

By king Kee 04/05/2011, 8:47 pm PT

We do know from the horse’s representative (that is, HTC) that their 7″ Flyer paper will be on the receiving modify of an Android operating grouping update in the instruction of its chronicle cycle, but here is the clincher â€" do you conceive it could in fact start and board with Honeycomb pertinent discover of the box? According to Sprint’s HTC Evo View 4G component page, it mentions “Android three. meet for tablets”, though there wasn’t anything else said about it transport with Gingerbread pertinent from the intend go. Of course, this isn’t too significantly to communicate if it had been to be released by summer rattling should it be a plain Honeycomb port that is institute on the Motorola Xoom, but lettered HTC and their intention to combine their unique Sense programme as properly as Scribe (pen input) software program,  it haw mayhap verify a wee bit longer than expected, maybe even in a Gingerbread update presently after the paper is released.

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