iPhone 4 caught running on T-Mobile USA’s 3G network

By Raymond Wong – 04/24/2011 14:30 PDT

It was bound to occur. BGR has photos of what is believed to be an prototype iPhone quaternary (and albescent too!) streaming on T-Mobile USA’s 3G network. This isn’t an unlocked iPhone 4 job. Nope, if it wasn’t a bona-fide iPhone with the correct T-Mobile USA’s antennas, that small 3G would only pass E for EDGE speed.

As BGR states, it is a taste New for Apple to be emotional an iPhone quaternary on T-Mobile USA. It’s farther more most probable that Apple is investigating hardware to educate for AT&ampT’s buyout of T-Mobile. If the integration does go by artefact of successfully with out some issues, then descending an iPhone that supports both AT&ampT and T-Mobile’s 3G would be very critical.

Of course, Apple is often investigating new stuff. It’d be derisory of them to cut whole wireless networks. Even meet before the iPhone quaternary landed on Verizon, it was discovered that Apple had been employed with CDMA frequencies to test a feasible CDMA iPhone. In the daylong run, an iPhone for apiece and every meshwork in the U.S. is what Apple is shooting for.

Whilst an iPhone 4 strength not be coming out on T-Mobile USA meet but, it is a beatific sign of things to come. Perhaps they may intend the iPhone 4S/5.

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