A LEGO machine that can sort your LEGO parts for you

By martyr Wong 04/08/2011, 9:37 am PT

LEGO operation machine

One of the worst things most activity with LEGO is cleaning up the disorderliness when you’re carried out. It is one factor to just shove every abstract into a incase for you to pick up where you left soured but when you’re hunting for portion pieces, having to dig by means of heaps of LEGO parts that you do not want is instance intense and troublesome. Nonetheless, a LGEO hobbyist has become up with a remedy to this dilemma. He produced a organisation from LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, Intelligent Bricks, motors, a webcam and a digital taste that can automatically variety discover crisp LEGO parts and place them into separate containers. He programmed the organisation to discern every example by its weight and shape, and engaged whatever easy conveyor belts to near them discover of the tray into plastic containers. A LEGO organisation to variety discover LEGO pieces â€" how crazy is that? Anyway, the organisation is a taste likewise andante to be very trenchant for now, but I guess you could just place every the unsorted pieces into it, go discover of the house and become backwards concept later to an organized LEGO collection. Hit the break to check a video of the LEGO operation organisation in action:

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