MOG Streaming Music Service arrives on LG Blu-ray players and Home Theater systems

By Edwin Kee – 04/26/2011 20:19 PDT

MOG has just declared that they module be substance their extremely rated Streaming Music Service on LG’s kinsfolk of designated Blu-ray players and Residence Theater systems, which module be produced available via the newborn Smart Television platform. As soon as you hit designated the MOG application, penalization lovers crapper look via millions of songs, choosing the tracks of their choice on demand, correct from the comfort of your experience room.

According to David Hyman, CEO of MOG, “MOG remains focused on ensuring our users hit the finest perception skillfulness wherever they are, and thanks to LG’s Smart Television platform, customers crapper today get pleasure from high-high quality, on-demand streaming of penalization in the experience room. We fashioned this app specifically for the experience shack and can’t move for folks to skillfulness the gorgeous graphics, simplicity of the app, and broad broad calibre audio. It is excellent to be aligned with a company much as LG, a profession cheater in consumer electronics.”

The MOG covering for LG Electronics’ Net-connected devices was specially matured in a artefact where it is meant for the experience shack perception expertise, delivering gorgeous visuals and the maximal top calibre frequence to keep both eyes and ears entertained. LG clients are healthy to admittance MOG on the BD650, BD670, BD690 LG Blu-ray players, and the LHB336, LHB536, LHB976 LG Home Theater systems.

Among the capabilities that crapper be enjoyed combine :-

  • On-demand streaming: Unlimited, ad-free of charge perception to some artist, album, or song at some timeSimple see and browsing created for the far control: MOG matured a gorgeous 10-foot individual programme to cater high-high calibre and straightforward guidance of albums, artists or songs for fast playing and unforced browsing of charts, editor’s picks and newborn releases
  • MOG radio: Only MOG provides the patent-pending “MOG Mobius” penalization brainstorm engine, which enables users to alter between true “artist only” broadcasting or a flooded mix of similar artists
  • Charts, editors’ picks and newborn releases: Quickly conceive all MOG has to give finished its amount pass to every abstract and anything you want to hear. From weekly top artists, albums and songs, to editors’ picks and newborn releases, you’ll locate specifically what you’re intelligent for (and more)
  • High broad calibre audio: MOG streams penalization at 320kbps which offers the maximal broad calibre listening

MOG delivers a 14-day no cost effort at the moment, and once that has expired, you crapper opt for a $ 9.99 monthly MOG Primo that provides admittance to MOG on consumer electronic devices much as LG Smart Tv enabled Blu-ray players and concept building systems, on the internet, or by effectuation of the MOG app on iPhone and Android phones, all via a single MOG account. Alternatively, there is the $ four.99 monthly MOG Fundamental statement that lets you admittance to MOG on LG Intelligent Tv enabled Blu-ray players and concept building systems as nicely as online at

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