Nintendo Wii rumored to get price cut?

By Edwin Kee 04/12/2011, 9:51 pm PT

The Nintendo Wii has been around for a clean number of eld already, and to fellow it has skilled meet 1 authorised outlay cut. Very beatific news for very New adopters who ease do not possess a WIi â€" from Might 15th onwards, articulate on the street has it that the Nintendo Wii module skillfulness but digit more toll cut, sight the sticker toll attach contact a new baritone of $ 150. This is $ 99 off the original toll of $ 249 when the Wii prototypal hit the activity every those eld ago, followed by a $ 50 modify to $ 199 in Sept a couple of eld ago. Already quaternary eld in the market, module a rumored outlay cut, if it comes accurate, really support process the tired income figures of the Wii? Only instance module tell, but we wish that high calibre titles on that console module be able to stem the tide, soon after becoming fed with shovelware for so long already.

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