NVIDIA stops support for older Android-powered Tegra 2 devices

By king Kee – 04/12/2011

It is said that nearly every single Android 3. Honeycomb tablet that module roll discover in the very prototypal half of this year is tipped to become with a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 threefold set chip, but it ought to be said, not all Tegra 2 devices are alike. In truth, the latest Tegra 2 platform is identified by its codename Ventana, where early models are known as supergiant and Harmony. Word on the street has it that NVIDIA no longer intends to promulgation some newborn Android drivers for these senior devices. Don’t conception discover the possibility of porting over Android three. Honeycomb to said senior devices the time the maker code is obtainable, but you won’t be healthy to verify pleasure in element video speed although. If 1 had been to attain a projection, then it means senior tablets module not intend official Honeycomb updates either.

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