OtterBox joins Built for BlackBerry program

George Wong – 28.04.2011 15.47 measure

BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series

OtterBox has meet announced that they today modify part of RIM's BlackBerry Built for the program. This effectuation that OtterBox, figure manufacturers are one of the some designated call designated certificated and licensed accessories for BlackBerry. This is a prestigious label actually means, which creates OtterBox for BlackBerry devices are of broad calibre and module not harm or impede the BlackBerry figure in any way. This newborn authorisation for high-quality equipment manufacturers requirement to amend conditions wager a lot of customers flocking to them for BlackBerry.

Go to the website to wager OtterBox devices, the selection of cases for BlackBerry. They hit also recently BlackBerry book Defender Series Case for your QNX tablet safe, flourishing and free of stain. It is today for 69, 95 $ of its website. How some of you use OtterBox cases protect your phone, and if you do what you conceive of their products?

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